How can you become a true renaissance man?

Imagine a world where a man is not bound by limitations that dictate everything from the work he does to the things he is expected to know or be competent at. It may sound like an impossible dream, but it is actually an achievable goal – should you wish to become a genuine Renaissance Man.

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The definition of Renaissance Man

A man who has a balanced life, one which he lives to the best of his individual abilities. There are no limits on what can be achieved, no pressures to specialise and stay in one lane. For example, if a man is particularly intelligent, that can be celebrated, but focus should also be on physical activity. The better your life is balanced, the more you can truly find purpose in life.

The three main aspects which define a Renaissance Man

Knowledge base

A well rounded general knowledge is essential, along with more detailed knowledge of a couple of areas, such as literature, politics or history. This isn’t difficult to achieve – but it does involve looking to a variety of sources to get information. Read specialist publications, newspapers and online blogs – and remember to also look at sources with opposing views to you. A modern Renaissance Man can easily study basic things like world geography alone via the net, so make the most of every opportunity to learn more things.

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Physical self

Not everyone can be an athlete, but being Olympic standard is not the goal. What is important is to make time for fun activities. It also involves eating well and dressing smartly. Classic pieces like Farah shirts, available from sources such as, boost confidence and ensure you are always dressed nicely.

Social interaction

Renaissance Men are balanced, remember? That means a good social life is essential to meet mental health needs, and to forge connections within your community. Shy people often struggle to fulfill this step, but it’s important to learn how to get along with everyone socially, and there are lots of tricks you can learn to get through these awkward moments, and a little practice will help immeasurably.


Don’t overlook the importance of playing an instrument or engaging with a creative pursuit such as drawing. These ‘soft skills’ are vital for a well-rounded personality.