How To Safely Keep A Fashionable Looking Tan All Year Round

  • 03/10/2018
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Keeping your tan can be a bit of mission if you live in a cold climate that has little sun during the winter months. That is not to mention the short winter days when you tend to arrive at work when it is dark and leave work when or just as it starts to get cold. These are the months of the year that you will need a few tricks up your sleeve in order to keep your tan topped up, bright, and beaming.

Just because the winter months have arrived, it does not mean you should give up on your tan. A little due care and attention, with not much of an investment at all, and you will be able to keep your tan throughout the winter and top it up during the summer.

  1. Use Sunbeds Moderately

There is a lot of hype on whether sunbeds are healthy or unhealthy for your skin. For the most part, if you abuse the electronic sunbed, then just like anything, you are asking for trouble. However, if you use them in moderation, you will keep your tan nicely topped up.

You can either buy one for your home, which then, in the long run, saves you time and money going to a tanning salon. Alternatively, you can just bite the bullet and spend a little to visit a tanning shop just once per week. All you need is an hour on the sunbed and your tan will come back life.

Make sure you use the right tanning product for your skin while you are on the sunbed. This way your tan will come through quicker and remain for longer. You can buy sunbeds here as well as a range of tanning products to use while you are tanning.

During the summer months, you don’t need a sunbed because there will be enough sun to keep your tan going.

  1. Take a Winter Break in The Sun

This is my favorite trick. In the summer I only take a few days off to go to a local tourist destination. There are three main benefits to me doing this. Firstly, every time I go on holiday in the summer (that is when it is summer in the UK), the prices are double because everyone else seems to take a summer holiday at the same time. You end up at a packed out hotel, packed beaches, and it ends up a bun fight to get a deck chair near the pool or on the beach.

I understand that this is because of having kids and the school holidays are the best time, but I also have children and guess what? I use their half-term break to go away and hit the sun. There are plenty of decent deals with quite few that have all-inclusive offers. My list so far includes North Africa, South Africa, Kenya, South East Asia, Caribbean, which is the second advantage to worrying about your tan – it makes me travel, and I have the perfect excuse to go an see more of the world!

This leads me on to the third and main advantage of a winter break in the sun. When the half term comes, it is slap bang in the middle of winter. It is when my tan is at its weakest and I am using spray-on tan as well as sunbeds.

  1. Increase your time on the sunbed on alternate weeks

Once I have my tan from my winter break, I get through to around February and March with no problems. However, around March I use my sunbed twice a week for week 1, once on week 2, twice on week 3, and once on week 4. This reduces the negative impact sunbeds can have on your skin and keeps my tan radiant right up until April when there are few decent days I can get some time in the sun (in between the rain that is!).

There you have it. A healthy way to stay looking healthy. Just make sure that when are in the sun, you do use sun protection. After you have been in the sun or on a sunbed, you will need a decent moisturiser. I use one for after, one for when I go to sleep, and another for the daytime before I use a sunbed or sunbathe. Check out boots to buy moisturisers or any other well-known brand name stores that have staff that can help you reach your skin goals.

I hope this helps, and please feel free to ask me any questions in the comments area. Happy tanning!